Monday, 1 January 2018

ALLONS PATINER (Lets go skating) - Case File 245 DT

2018 ! Can you believe it!

A new year brings a new twist to the CSI challenge.
It allows for more of a freestyle take on the challenge. Take a look at the new and improved case file.

My layout is a combination of old and new rules. I kept the (5) Colours, although I varied them a bit, chose items from the list of Evidence, and chose a prompt from the Testimony.

Photo was found on Google images.

The five colours I picked from The Scene are:

Navy Blue: papers
White: Silhouette cut files (flourish & flowers), snowflake buttons, paint spatters
Light Blue: pattern paper, "fun" die-cut
Golden Yellow: Silhouette cut file (sign post), stamping ink, small hearts
Khaki Green: stamping ink (snowflakes)

Polka dots, Stars, Winter elements, Architectural element, Distressing

Document a winter activity

The translated journaling reads:

"It's been years since I've skated. I would like to change that. After Christmas I plan on getting some skates so that I can go skating with my grand-children on our frozen pond or at the municipal rink. I would love to rediscover the pleasure I had skating as a young child."

You can see how I used both my Silhouette and my stamps on this close-up.

...and my Silhouette to cut both the sign post and the title letters.

I've given myself some scrapbooking goals for 2018:
*Use my Silhouette as much as possible.
*Use at least (1) stamp of every layout.
*No spending except for glue.
*Stop comparing myself to others. I am not, and never will be, a mixed media artist.

I hope to see what YOU create this year. I would also love reading about your personal scrapbooking goals for 2018.

À la prochaine, Until next time,

Jacynthe ☺

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

TELEVISION - Case file 242 DT

Hello everyone.
 It's time for the mid-month challenge at

I had to let this case file sit with me for a few days before figuring out how I would solve it. I never work with white backgrounds, and all the white in the scene had me stumped. I'm not sure why but, I am always attracted to the darker colours.  I looked through my stash and found the perfect moss green paper. Everything else fell into place after that. I only used white as an accent colour.

Pale grey: cut -out leaves, Here&Now journaling card
Khaki: striped pp, string, ephemera
White: doilie, pp, envelope, drywall tape
Moss green: pp, buttons, flower center, Love You card
Coffee brown: pp, TH card

*Text pattern, *Leaves,* Flowers, *Stamps(corner stamp on envelope),* Buttons, *String, *Ruler (printed on the TH card)

Document something you love to do --- watch television ☺

The photo was found on Google Images.

My journaling, in French, is tucked inside the white envelope.

Here is the (best as I can) translation :

I've always loved watching television. It is, by far, my favorite passtime. I watch it to relax (Project Runway, The Great British Sewing Bee, Dateline (it's always the husband), ER, Wheel of Fortune), to escape (Escape to the Country), to learn about social and political issues (2 Filles le matin, Real Time with Bill Maher, Scientology and the Aftermath), to laugh (Will & Grace), to cry (Supervet), to laugh and cry (Paul O'Grady For the Love of Dogs), or to be completely hooked (l'Imposteur, Game of Thrones).
No wonder I often ask myself why things don't seem to get done. There simply is too much "Must See TV".

The case file stays open until November 30th. Why not join us ? I would love to see how YOU solve the case.

À la prochaine, Until next time,

Jacynthe ☺

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

SWEET TOOTH - Case file No. 240 DT

Autumn  is finally settling in with its cooler weather and gorgeous colours. If it was up to me, it would be autumn year round.

Speaking of colours, we have a selection of five new ones to play with for case # 240 at

My layout:

The colours:
Pale pink  - the punched scallop and the printed pattern paper 
Pale turquoise blue, scarlet, black, and white, are all there.
The Evidence:
*Polka dots, *Cherries, and other fruits (raspberries), *Hearts, *Butterfly, *Flowers, *Something that dangles (the three small tags), *Scallop, and *Stamps.
This close-up shows three of the five stamps I used on this layout ; the red flower, the leaves, and the whimsical circle on the metal rimmed tag.
You can also see the "something that dangles". I've had those little K&Company tags in my stash FOREVER. Do you remember those? They were sold in a little chinese take-out box. I think there was 100 in a box. I"ve been trying to use them up.
Testimony: I was inspired by the scene and the word "sweet".
***My grand-daughter, Coraline, has a sweet tooth. Any sugary treat and she's happy.***
And there you have it, a simple layout that hit all the required elements. Won't you join us. You might just win one of the prizes from our sponsors.

The deadline for completing this Case File is Tuesday, October 31, at 11:59 p.m. EST. Be sure to link your layout using the link tool in the sidebar, and mention the Evidence and Testimony clues you used. Also, please title your link with your name and country.
Bye for now. À la prochaine.
Jacynthe ☺

Sunday, 17 September 2017

"Shood Hammy Share his Ice cream" - CSI DT

...& Other Fanciful Tales.

Now before you think to yourself : "that's not how you spell SHOULD", the title is not mine. It comes from my 7yr-old grandson's first story book, which is the topic of the case file we get to play along with this time around.

My layout featuring my grandson, Victor.

The colours:
light Grey - swirly flowers, imagination sticker, title words.
med Sky Blue - pattern paper
Mustard Gold - pattern papers & tag
Kiwi Green - washi tape, stamping ink & pre-printed phrase sticker

Evidence: polka dots, text print, animal, flowers, leaves, & (paper) book plate.

Testimony: Document a favorite book, and tuck your story in something but make it visible.

I journaled (in French) about Victor's imagination. He has been creating his own story books which he loves to share with us.

The translated journaling reads:

Victor has lots of imagination. He writes and illustrates his own story books. "Shood Hammy Share his ice cream", and "Fix the Problem" tell the playful adventures of Hammy the hamster and his friend, Lizzie the lizard. In "Félix's Thunberstorm", Félix the dog seeks out the help of Oshi and Ygritte, the cats, after being struck by lightning. He is really proud of his work and I am happy for him. I hope he continues to share his stories with us.

*Personal challenge of using at least one stamp per page: alphabet stamp for "shood" ( I love that stamp set), and SU set for "genuine article" and "original". *


I hope you'll shop your stash and create a layout to share with us. We love seeing how YOU solve the case.

Bye for now. À la prochaine.

Jacynthe ☺

Thursday, 31 August 2017

Tout s'apprend avec YouTube - Case file 237 DT

Hey there,
We have a new challenge at


  My layout:

As you can see, I chose the orange-y red as the focal colour of my layout.

Continuing on my goal of using at least one stamp per layout, I used four different ones;  letter stamps for TUBE, corner stamp on tag, SU background stamp on tag, and SU leaf stamp.

Here is how I solved the case:

medium Teal - patterned paper, book tabs, brads, flower, finger sticker, sm tag
White - flower, book page
Lime green - large tags, flower, fibers
Pale yellow - flowers, brads, pencil tag
Orange-y Red - patterned paper, flowers on washi tape

*grid pattern, stripes, book pages, washi tape, and school theme stuff (pencil on tag)*

*Something learned*

I've always wanted to know how to crochet. I understood the basics but never could follow a pattern. I had given up trying until the day I discovered YouTube. It completely changed my way of learning.
So much so, that if I ever want to know how to do something, I turn to YouTube for the answer. You can find instructional videos on any every imaginable subject. You can learn anything on YouTube.

Thank you for stopping by and taking a look at my page. I hope you find something that inspires you to use your stash to create a page you love.

À la prochaine, Until next time,

Jacynthe ☺

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

BEST FRIENDS - DT Case file 235

A new month is upon us. Tell me, what type of person are you?  The "Oh, no, it's August already. Summer is almost over." or, the  "I can't believe it's only August. Is this summer ever going to end !"

I'm the "Who in their right mind loves this heat and humidity. I want summer to be over already."

Can you tell I'm not a summer person, at all ?  Bring on the cool, crisp days. The fall leaves, the cold fresh air. Get rid of the humidity and the bugs. Lets take out warm cardigans,  and watch our favorite TV shows with knitted blankets on our laps. Can we fast forward to October, please.....

Well, in the meantime, for those of you who do enjoy summer, we have a new case file this month with hot weather, and friendship, written all over it.

I must admit I thought of skipping this one. Light, (and primary), colours are always a challenge for me. Especially if the base colour is white. I much prefer darker, neutral colours with a cream undertone. It took me a while to figure this case file out, and two goes at it before I finally settled on this layout of my grand-children's special bond.

I followed the Sketch fairly closely.

I'm trying to put my stamps to good use as well. I paid good money for them so my goal is to use at least one stamp per layout. This one features a pretty butterfly/flower stamp bought at Michael's, and a journaling stamp from Stampin' Up.

light Chartreuse (stripes on tags)
Turquoise (washi tape at the top of the layout, leaves, flowers)
White (patterned tissue paper)
light Grey (patterned tissue paper)
between a Periwinkle and Lavender ( floral pattern paper, matching pattern paper, phrase sticker)

I've also added lots of Black, Creams, and Beige as neutrals.
A darker version of Chartreuse can be found as well.

Evidence: Polka dots, flowers, and something circular with a hole in the center (eyelets on tags).

Testimony: inspiration words Laughter, and Together.

My grand-children, Victor and Violet,  always have lots of fun together. They are not only brother and sister, but best friends. My wish for them is that the special bond they have lasts their whole life.

I hope you'll join us for the challenge. Even if you don't have the exact colours called for, don't let that stop you. Choose colours from your stash that are as close as possible. For example, I had very little Light Chartreuse in my stash. I used the little I had, and added papers and embellishments in a medium to dark Chartreuse instead.

I can't wait to see what YOU create.

Until next time. À la prochaine,
Jacynthe ☺

Sunday, 16 July 2017


Next up is a layout I did for the Scrap-Our-Stash July Tic-Tac-Toe challenge.

I chose the left column : Number, Chipboard, Striped Paper

Numbers (bingo card, clock, calendar)
Chipboard ( both letters "F")
Striped paper (behind photo)


Translated journaling reads:

"We are well aware that we have very little time left with Félix. So, we try to bring him to places he likes. Today we were at Hatfield Point so that he could refresh himself in the water and go for a walk along the shore. "

Thank you for stopping by.
À la prochaine. Until next time.
Jacynthe ☺